Environmental Policy

Hanmer Springs Accommodation

At The Village Lake Apartments, we are committed to protecting the environment by implementing sound environmental practices in all our operations. We are always looking to improve these practices and welcome any suggestions from guests as to where we can improve.

We have currently undertaken the following measures:

  • Recycling bins are provided in all apartment kitchens and in designated bin area.
  • All our cleaning products are sourced from providers whose products only meet the highest environmental standards.
  • Bathroom amenities are dispensed into permanent containers where possible.
  • Where individual plastic containers are used, these are refilled where appropriate to avoid wasteful throwaways.
  • Guests are encouraged by way of signage placed in bathrooms, to consider re-using bathroom linen rather than requesting replacement with every use.
  • Our luxury toiletries are handmade with all natural ingredients and pure NZ essential oils.
  • Daily newspapers are all recycled.
  • Energy sustainable lighting is used wherever possible